DigiDoodle™ is unique, fun, educational and creative. All apps have been designed to allow children to interact intuitively and easily.

Touch Sensitive Screen
DigiDoodle™ boasts a generous 7 inch, high resolution durable touch screen.

Random Menu Interface
Designed to be fun the main menu allows children to throw, bounce and collide their way into the apps.

Audio and Visual Feedback
Children receive audio and visual instruction and feedback.

Educational Apps
DigiDoodle™ apps have been designed to target and enhance specific areas of children’s educational development.

Safe & Sound for Children
Children’s safety and your peace of mind are important to us. Unlike many digital devices for children DigiDoodle™ does not offer a camera or internet connectivity. DigiDoodle™ offers simplicity, safety and peace of mind.

Why DigiDoodle™?
DigiDoodle™ was created to allow children to learn and create through interactive play. Designed to be as simple to use as pencil and paper, DigiDoodle™ is unique in its simplicity. Using its 7” high resolution touchscreen children can start to play even while using the whimsical random main menu. Throw, bounce and collide your way to the applications in a playground setting.

DigiDoodle™ has no memory; children can play and create as they please without the need to worry about keeping score or saving their doodles. Having no memory reduces the pressure on parents to have to transfer data from one device to the other.
DigiDoodle™ Apps
All DigiDoodle™ apps are contained on small removable cartridges which can be interchanged and contain a range of educational apps and activities.

All DigiDoodle™ apps are designed to encourage children to learn through creative play. These apps target specific areas of the child’s learning enhancing their literacy, numeracy, manual dexterity and creative skills.

DigiDoodle™ ships with a set of 7 default apps pre installed.

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